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Blackout Strike. 

The Blackout Strike is a permanent revolt until there is economic justice for African nations and the Global South.

Africa is simply too mineral rich to continue to be impoverished.


The issue is not domestic corruption or a lack of infrastructure, but massive looting by multinational corporations that have exploited Africa since colonisation.

These companies intentionally prevent Africa from industrialising and utilising her resources by:

Hiring economic hitmen 

organising coups

assassinating presidents, activist and journalist who try and end the exploitation.

Even the United Nations secretary general, Dag Hammarskjold, was murdered on the orders of these corporations.

The only way to end imperialism, mercantilism and neo colonialism in Africa is with an economic rights movement directly against these corporations responsible.

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About Blackout Strike

Retain African Wealth & Ubuntu Africa.

The Blackout Strike and RAW Initiative, at its core is about adding value to Africa's resources through responsible refinement. For far too long we've seen the export of raw materials without realizing their true potential. The blackout strike seeks to change that by advocating for local resource refinement. Our vision encompasses the refinement of raw materials ranging from essential elements like cobalt, integral to electronics production, to everyday staples like tea leaves and cocoa cultivated on African soil. By refining these resources and turning them into value-added products and manufactured goods, we're not only creating economic opportunities but also showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple yet transformative – to retain African wealth and drive sustainable development. We envision a future where the resources that define our continent are refined within our borders, creating industries, jobs and economic growth that benefits our communities. The money generated from these industries should go into uplifting our people out of poverty, not into the pockets of our former colonial masters.


Sustainability is at the heart of the R.A.W Movement. We're not only focused on economic gains but also on environmental preservation. By refining resources responsibly, we're minimizing the ecological impact and contributing to a greener, healthier Africa for generations to come.

Getting Involved:

Are you excited about the potential that the RAW Movement holds? Join us on this journey to transform Africa's resource management landscape. Whether you're an individual, a business, or an organization there are many ways you can contribute and make a difference. Send us a message either via the website or through one of our social media handles and we will get back to you promptly.

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Examples of Africa's wealth
And looting


The Democratic Republic of Congo is widely considered to be the richest country in the world regarding natural resources; its untapped deposits of raw minerals are estimated to be worth in excess of U.S. $24 trillion. This has made Congo a target for oligarchs and Mining companies, they have killed millions of Congolese citizens to maintain control over these resources. #CongoIsBleeding


Nigeria is the largest producer of oil in Africa and the sixth largest in the world, with crude oil production capacity of 2.5 million barrels a day, however the oil is being looted by foreign companies like shell, making them trillions of profits while Nigeria remains impoverished. in 1995 shell organised the hanging of Ken Saro Wiwa and 8 other peaceful protestors.


link to video:


Tanzania's gold production increased by more than 700% over the past 25 years, from 5 to 40-50 tonnes per year. The gold however belongs to foreign mining corporations like Barrick gold, who in 1996 buried 52 miners alive and executed over 300, just to get access to the gold mine.

Sierra leone

diamond mining remains one of Sierra Leone's most lucrative export industries, with annual production of up to $250M USD. But due to on going  exploitation from colonial mining firms, only a fraction of this wealth returns to the areas where diamonds are mined, If Sierra Leone sold manufactured goods and jewellery instead of export raw diamonds their GDP will increase dramatically.


Niger is blessed with an abundance of Uranium, however only 12% of Niger has electricity, the Uranium in Niger is still being exploited by their coloniser France, currently 1/3 Lightbulbs in France are being powered directly by Uranium extracted from Niger. 

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The blackoutstrike?

Africans in Africa have tried everything to end modern day colonialism coming from western establishments, however the problem is external. Therefore we need to find an external solution, when western citizens help the fight against these companies imperialist policies it will dramatically reduce the grip they have on our nations.

#OnePeople #BlackoutStrike

Flyers, posters and business cards

Our Goal for Africa & the Global South:

The End goal for the Blackout Strike is to end the mercantilist trading patterns in Africa & the Global south. 

Instead of forcing Western firms to leave Africa, we want to reform them and force them to refine and purify our resources in Africa before exporting the finished products and goods.

When isolated and reduced to their raw components, the products in an iPhone aren't worth much, but combined as an iPhone is expensive, Almost 90% of the iPhone is comprised of Congolese minerals, but as Congo is at the bottom of the supply chain, it receives no benefit; 

Unrefined gold, iron, and crude oil have little value until they are refined and purified into petroleum, jewellery, and other items.

If we keep the refining process in Africa rather than exporting the raw materials, our impoverished nations' economies will improve dramatically.

Any company intending to continue operations in Africa and the Global South must comply with the terms and conditions specified by the Blackout Strike Ambassadors; failure to do so will result in their removal and replacement with Local, Chinese or Russian corporations:

industrialise the Global South, change the manufacturing process to remain in the countries you are exporting raw materials from, any added value from the manufacturing process will be invested into African and Global south economies, Instead of Congo to sell raw materials to these companies to refine in places Switzerland/China, we have them do the refining process in Africa and export the final products out of Africa. 

1. End mercantilist trading patterns on all our resource’s. (Not just Cocoa like what Ghana is trying to do at the moment)

2. Re invest a Large % of profit into developing African communities into education, housing and food programs

3.Allow Africa and the Global South to Manufacture and sell products.

4. Use African currencies when exporting all goods and services.

(this will prevent sanctions and the intentional destabilising of our currencies)

5. Do not export RAW materials out of Africa or the Global South at all!.

6. Have natives to the regions being exploited working at every stage of the supply chain, not just the bottom, this will ensure those at the top respect the local area and do not exploit sacred land for mining or oil extraction. The local community select their representative every 3 months

This will avoid the deliberate destabilisation and pollution of local areas.

We are no longer colonies, but independent states. 

If you wish to resume using our resources, you must ensure that not only the elite and foreign oligarchs benefit, but also the local populace. 

Without reform, these firms will always face opposition, and people will continue to boycott and oppose them.

To learn more about mercantilism and how it works, watch this video on the American Revolution (they were also a colony). The American Revolution was sparked by mercantilist trading practises, and it's time we did the same for Africa and the Global South.

Link to the video:

is to uplift Africa out of poverty and exploitation

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"We bled Africa for 400 years, exploited her raw materials, now we use miseducation and propaganda to prevent the blacks forming a retribution against us."

-Jaques Chirac (Ex President of France)

"When the people stand up imperialism trembles"

-Thomas Sankara

"The colonizers care not about Africa or its people, they are attracted to African riches, for them any means are good if it helps them possess these riches" - Patrice lumumba.


A few Notable Anti exploitation leaders, activist, authors and presidents who have been assassinated or overthrown include:


Patrice Lumumba - First Prime minister of Congo. Assassinated by MI6, CIA and western colonial mining corporations

Dag Hammaskjold - UN secetary General, on his way to Congo his plane was shot down by Colonial mining firms.

Thomas Sankara - Anti Colonial President of Burkina Faso, Killed in a French backed coup.

Barthemly Boganda - Anti Colonial first president of Central African Republic, plane shot down by French imperialist.

David Dako - Succeedor to Barthemly Boganda, overthrown in French backed coup.

Adams Unaji - Leader of the 'Occupy Nigeria' movement in 2013. Poisoned moments before his interview with news team.

Felix Moumie - Anti Colonial activist who strived to end neo-colonialism in Cameroon. Poisoned by France

Marthe Moumie - Wife of Felix, published a book about France assassinating her husband. Found dead and raped in her home

Osende Afana - Leader of an Anti colonial exploitation movement in beheaded and flown around to scare his companions.

Abdel Kingue - Lawyer and activist, friend with Felix and Osende, shot to death by France

Kudirat Abiola - Wife of MKO Abiola, shot to death by the orders of Imperialist.

MKO Abiola - MKO Abiola, Nigerian president poisoned by US diplomat Susan Rice for wanting Nigeria to end the looting of Oil.

Dele Giwa - Nigerian journalist, house bombed by imperialist mining firms.

Amiclar Cabral - Guinea Bissau activist and diplomat shot to death by a Portugal 

John Magufuli - "Mysterious" death after banning mineral and gold exports from Tanzania

Sylvanus Olympio - First President of Togo, Anti colonial exploitation. Executed by French Imperialist

Mohammed boudiaf - Algerian Politician againts the exploitation of Algeria, assassinated by France

William Richard tolbert - Liberian President who wanted less US influence/exploitation of Liberian resources

Melichior Ndadaye - President of Burundi overthrown in a French backed coup after ending exploitation

Ibrahim Barre - President of Niger shot in a French funded coup after trying to utilise Niger's resources.

Cyprien Ntaryamira - Plane was shot down to prevent him and Juvenal Habyarimana ending exploitation of their nations

Ruben Um Nyobe - Leader of the Cameroon independence movement, to end the CFA franc and exploitation. Killed by France.

Samora Machel - Leader of Mozambique, anti exploitation and was executed in a French backed Coup

Steve Biko - Activist and leader in South Africa, stood up to colonialism and was anti apartheid, tortured to death

Maurcie Audin - Algerian Mathematician who stood up to France still exploiting Algeria after "independence". Tortured to death

Ogoni 9: 9 Brave Nigerians who stood up to shell exploiting Nigeria's oil and polluting the area, hung to death by shell.

Ken saro-wiwa 

Saturday Dobee

Nordu Eawo

Daniel Gbooko

Paul Levera

Felix Nuate

Baribor Bera

Barinem Kiobel

John Kpuine

Juvenal Hybyarimanal - President of Rwanda, anti exploitation and colonialism, plane gets shot down

Sam Bangura - Bank Governor in Sierra Leone Killed on 22nd December 1979 after his refusal to sign punitive World bank loan.

General Gowon  - Former leader of Nigeria, overthrown after building 3 Oil refineries, againts the wishes of shell

Robert Sobukwe - Anti exploitation and apartheid in South Africa.

Sheik Abied Karume - Revolutionary leader of Zanzibar, shot to death

Chris Hani - Leader of a south African liberation movement, assassinated by imperialist

Ahmed Timol - Anti Aparthied South African, thrown off building to his death by imperialist. Ladled as "suicide"

Macho Kaka - Organise of the #FixThecountryMovement in Ghana, Beat to death by "unknown assailants"

Ruth First - Assassinated by Imperialst in south Africa for being anti apartheid and to get at her husband. Joe slovo

Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu - Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu was a South African freedom fighter, Hanged by Imperialist

Griffiths Mxenge - A south African Lawyer, In 1981, Mxenge was assassinated by the apartheid death squad.

Abeid-amani Karume - First President of Tanzania, assassinated by imperialist mining companies

Cyprien Ntaryamira - Anti exploitation leader of Burundi, Plane shot down by Imperialist

Vuyisile Mini - Was the first activist to be murdered by Apartheid South African death squads.

Craddock 4: 4 friends and activist who stood up to the exploitation of South Africa, all beat to death by imperialist, it was by "unknown assailants" until it was confirmed years later.

Scelo Mhlau

Matthew Goniwe

Fort Calata 

Sparrow Mkhonto

Mehdi ben barka- Moroccan politician against colonialism and exploitation, "mysteriously disappeared"

Maurice Bishop - Grenadian Leader and Activist, against exploitation. shot dead by imperialist mercenaries

Walter Rodney - ( Read his book, How Europe underdeveloped Africa, he speaks about all the people they assassinated up until he was assassinated himself)

Rick Turner - South African Philosopher who was shot in his home by the hitman group S.A.I.M.R, died in the arms of his child

David Webster - South African anti apartheid  teacher assassinated by S.A.I.M.R 

Albie Sachs - Survived the assassination attempt by S.A.I.M.R but sadly lost his right eye and arm in a car bomb.

Jeanette Schoon - a South African anti-apartheid activist and wife of fellow activist Marius Schoon who was killed by a letter bomb sent by SAIMR in 1984.

Marius Schoon - a South African anti-apartheid activist and husband of Jeanette Schoon who was also killed by a letter bomb sent by SAIMR in 1984.

Dulcie September - a South African anti-apartheid activist and representative of the African National Congress who was assassinated by SAIMR in 1988 while in exile in France.

Fabian Ribeiro - a South African doctor and anti-apartheid activist who was killed by SAIMR in 1986 along with his wife and two children.

Michael Lapsley - a South African Anglican priest and anti-apartheid activist who lost both of his hands and an eye in a letter bomb attack by SAIMR in 1990.

Joe Gqabi - a South African anti-apartheid activist and representative of the African National Congress who was assassinated by SAIMR in 1981 while in exile in Zimbabwe.

Bheki Mlangeni - a South African anti-apartheid activist who was assassinated by SAIMR operatives in 1991.

Eduardo Mondlane - the founder and leader of the Mozambique Liberation Front who was killed by a letter bomb in 1969, allegedly sent by the CIA.

Che Guevara - an Argentine revolutionary and leader of the Cuban Revolution who was captured and executed by the Bolivian military with the assistance of the CIA in 1967.

Orlando Letelier - a Chilean diplomat and former government minister who was killed by a car bomb in Washington D.C. in 1976. It is believed that the assassination was carried out by Chilean secret police agents with the assistance of the CIA.

Neil Aggett - a South African trade unionist and anti-apartheid activist who died in police custody in 1982 after being arrested by South African authorities. It is believed that SAIMR played a role in his arrest and subsequent death.

Ahmed Timol - a South African anti-apartheid activist who died in police custody in 1971 after being arrested by South African authorities. It is believed that SAIMR played a role in his arrest and subsequent death.

Victor Jara - a Chilean singer, songwriter, and activist who was killed in the aftermath of the 1973 coup that overthrew President 

Manuel Noriega - the military dictator of Panama who was overthrown in a U.S. invasion in 1989. Noriega had been a longtime asset of the CIA, but his relationship with the U.S. deteriorated over time, leading to his removal from power.

Salvador Allende - the President of Chile who was overthrown in a coup in 1973 with the assistance of the CIA.

Jacobo Árbenz - the President of Guatemala who was overthrown in a coup in 1954 with the assistance of the CIA. Árbenz had implemented land reforms that threatened the interests of the United Fruit Company, an American corporation with significant holdings in Guatemala.

Mohammad Mossadegh - the Prime Minister of Iran who was overthrown in a coup in 1953 with the assistance of the CIA

Oliver Tambo - the President of the African National Congress who survived an assassination attempt in 1988. It is believed that SAIMR was responsible for the attack.

Sukarno - the first President of Indonesia who was overthrown in a coup in 1965 with the assistance of the CIA

João Bernardo Vieira - President of Guinea-Bissau who was overthrown in a military coup in 1999. SAIMR is believed to have provided training and support to the coup leaders.

Eduardo dos Santos - President of Angola who was targeted for assassination by SAIMR in the 1980s. Although the attempt was unsuccessful, it is believed that SAIMR played a role in destabilizing the country during the civil war that lasted from 1975 to 2002.

Mohammed Najibullah - President of Afghanistan who was overthrown in a coup in 1992 with the assistance of the CIA, the CIA funded and supported Mujahideen rebels intentionally to overthrow him.

João Bernardo Vieira - President of Guinea-Bissau who was overthrown in a coup in 1999 with the assistance of the CIA.

Orlando Letelier - Chilean politician and diplomat who served as Ambassador to the United States during the government of Salvador Allende killed in a car bomb placed by the C.I.A

Oscar Romero - Archbishop of San Salvador and a vocal critic of the military puppet government he was killed by a death squad with the assistance of the CIA.

Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane - First President of Mozambique after its independence from Portugal. He died in 1969 when a bomb exploded in his office.

Omar Torrijos - President of Panama from 1968 to 1981. He died in a plane crash in 1981, and there are suspicions that the CIA was involved in his death

Ahmed Ben Bella - First President of Algeria after its independence from France. He was overthrown in a military coup in 1965 organised by France

Carlos Fonseca - Founder of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) in Nicaragua. He was killed in 1976

Garry Webb - US journalist uncovered that CIA was selling drugs to raise untraceable funds to fund a militia in Nicaragua, after releasing this information on his website and local news agency he was gang stalked by the CIA and eventaully found dead with 2 shots to the back of his head.. it was ruled as 'suicide'

Unconfirmed assassinations include:

JFK. (described in the book 'White Malice'), the reason he wished to abolish the C.I.A. was due to the assassination of his close friends, several of whom are on this list, including the UN general Dag Hammarskjold and the Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba

His stance on the recolonization of Africa infuriated many Oligarchs with mining companies, many people believe this led to his death.

Olof Palme, Swedish PM who was fighting against apartheid around the similar time period as the Craddock 4, Ruth First, Chris Hani and many more assassinated anti imperialist leaders.. till this day his killers intentions remain unclear and a mystery to the people of Sweden, but he is just another name on a long list of mysterious deaths of anti imperialist and exploitation leaders, the 2nd to have come out of Sweden, South African court has revealed they connected his death and 15 others including Dag Hammarskjold to the notorious mercenary group SAIMR. 

To learn more about these assassinations buy a copy of the book "confessions of an economic hitman" by John Perkins.

The mining Company Barrick Gold were responsible for killing many Tanzanians. After coercing government officials to give them rights to a gold mine, they buried 52 local miners alive.

John Magufuli, in 2021 decided to tax Barrick for their Illegal mining, and wanted Tanzania to sell manufactured gold and products instead of exporting raw materials. It is rumoured Barrick Gold are responsible for the untimely death of the beloved Magufuli 


Link to video:  

The Oil company Shell were responsible for the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa, they had him and 8 other peaceful protest hanged for demanding Shell to stop exploiting Nigeria's Oil

Link to the video: 

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Patrice Lumumba


Steve Biko

Kwame Nkruhmah





Thomas Sankara



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Mansa Sharif



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IG: @retain.african.wealth 




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Quote: To justify all that we have lost, we must risk losing everything.

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Tell my people that I love them and that they must continue the fight, my blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom, A LUTA CONTINUA (THE FIGHT CONTINUES) - Solomon Mahlangu's final words

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